Yala Designs- Comfort is Confidence

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned about fashion, it’s that clothes have the power to change your entire mood. I work from home now, and I have quickly learned the importance of actually getting dressed in the morning instead of wearing pajamas all day. When I’m having a lazy day in workout/lounge clothes, I don’t feel as confident or motivated to accomplish tasks I need to throughout my day.

If clothes really have the power to change the way we feel, I’d say it’s pretty important to feel good in them! So, I want to look good, but it’s also important for me to be comfortable in my clothes. Have you ever been so excited about an adorable outfit, complete with high heel shoes, but an hour into your day you’re miserable because you’re so uncomfortable? I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to look great, I want to feel great too.


That is why I’m very excited to introduce Yala Designs, who make the most comfortable clothes I’ve ever worn! I received one of their robes a year ago, and it is my absolute favorite thing to lounge around the house in because it is SO comfy and beautiful. When Yala reached out to me to work together again, I was ecstatic to discover their clothes were just as comfortable!

Yala Designs- Comfort is confidence

“We celebrate simple dressing by providing the power of stylish, easy-to-wear comfort every day. We understand that confidence is wrapped up in feeling and looking good and that the perfect tee or right pair of pants can have a huge impact”


Not only does Yala Designs make beautiful clothing, but they keep sustainability in mind for every step of the process! Yala uses natural and organic fabrics whenever possible, and works with small factories so they can ensure everyone is treated and paid fairly. They even visit the factories in person several times a year to ensure excellent quality and working conditions. It’s the norm in today’s fashion culture for brands to turn a blind eye to what really goes on in their factories, and I love that Yala values ethical production!

Yala Designs has provided Style Me Fair readers with an exclusive discount code for 20% off your entire purchase! Use code “STYLEMEFAIR18” at checkout!

Outfit Details

Kai Top in Black | $66 | This quarter length sleeve shirt is perfect for layering and insanely soft, you’ll want to wear it with everything!

Cybill Fleece Wrap | $128 | My new favorite piece for winter! I took this on a recent trip to Oregon and wore it several times. It’s like wearing a (very stylish) blanket!

Cadence Dress | $108 | This dress is made of bamboo viscoe jersey, which is my favorite fabric to wear! It’s super soft, not see-through, and it clings and flows in all the right places. Plus this dress has pockets… what more could you ask for in a little black dress!?

Guiding Star Necklace | Ten Thousand Villages | $49 | Use STYLEMEFAIR25 for 25% off any one item

Jeans | Thrifted! For a similar ethical pair, check out: The Lorena High Rise from ABLE | $128

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