Tips to Get You Started for Selling on Poshmark

When it comes to making thoughtful ethical purchases, new is not always better! One of the best ways to shop ethically and sustainably is by shopping pre-loved clothes... cue Poshmark. With 700,000 sellers and over a million shoppers, the platform is bound to have the perfect clothing, shoes, and accessories for every style! It also offers an incredible opportunity for people to start a "side hustle" by selling clothing items straight from their closet.

Poshmark Shopping Tips

Today we have a guest post by the lovely Poshmark expert and colorful fashion lover, Jessica of Sustainable Rainbow! Jessica and I met at my first "networking event" which at first seemed intimidating... until I met Jessica and we realized that we both were passionate about ethical fashion! There are very few of us here in the Phoenix area, so having Jessica as a friend and confidant since the beginning of my blogging journey has been so comforting and encouraging!

One of the things I admire about Jessica is her success on Poshmark! She loves bright and colorful fashion, and Poshmark allows her to share that passion with others by reselling clothes that she no longer wears! I just recently started selling on Poshmark as well, and have loved providing a closet full of clothes I love, and being able to offer them to my buyers at a discounted price!

Jessica is a very successful seller with lots of followers, so she's written out 6 of her best tips if you are interested in getting started! For a more thorough review of how to sell and buy on poshmark, click the link at the bottom of the post.

Selling on Poshmark Tips

6 Tips for Selling on Poshmark

1. Have great cover shots!

Clear, brightly lit photos that show the entire item helps it sell more quickly. If it’s a clothing item, it also helps to show you or someone else wearing it. Be sure to include a photo credit in the description of the original source (Google, Pinterest and Lyst are not sources) if you use a stock photo. Bonus points for including additional photos that show every part of the item/garment. This is important because If you include photos of every angle, buyers can’t say the item was not “as described”. 

2. Make your descriptions count.

State any flaws/signs of wear in the item. People appreciate transparency, so in addition to showing photos of the flaws also state them. Include measurements of the item. For clothing, length/bust/waist are key. For jeans, add the rise measurement. Order a tape measure on Amazon or download a measuring app. Include the fabric content or show a photo of the care tags. 

3. Share your items DAILY.

More than once a day is great, but try to share at least a handful of your items everyday and make sure every item gets shared at least once every few days. It will show up at the top of searches this way. 

4. Share other people’s listings.

When I first started, I would find closets with more followers than me and frequently shared their items. They will occasional ly share back, which exposes you to lots of fresh eyes. It’s important to keep in mind that you only share items you actually like or fit with your style. If people know what to expect from your feed or closet they will keep coming back. 

5. Don’t share or sell counterfeit, knockoff, or fake items.

The listings will get deleted and also, it’s illegal. Not worth it! 

6. Add items to your closet frequently!

People will see at the top of their feed if you are adding new items (it’s indicated with a ring around your name at the top of the home page). Also, I’ve found that if I add new items weekly or every other week, I’ll get fresh eyes on my closet and will end up selling more (and not just the new items)!

Poshmark selling tips

There, you have it! A few of Jessica's best tips. If you're interested in learning more, check out Jessica's comprehensive guide to selling on Poshmark here!

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