Technology Meets Ethical Fashion - CANO Shoes Kickstarter Campaign

In a world where cheap, expendable fashion is considered the norm, CANO Footwear is working hard to combat fast fashion through their innovative ethical fashion Kickstarter campaign. Their new technology will allow you to see exactly where and by who your shoes were made, all with the use of an app.

CANO Kickstarter Ethical Shoes

Ethical Shoes handcrafted by mexican artisans

CANO is an ethical footwear brand that sells hand-crafted Mexican huaraches and boots. The two founders of CANO fell in love with Mexican shoes while studying abroad, and admired the skill, time, and effort put into carefully making each pair. They decided to work with local artisans to design shoes that combined traditional Mexican weaving patterns with classic European shoe styles. They then set out to bring these beautiful shoes to Europe, and two years later are selling them all around the world. CANO strives to bring uniqueness, quality, and comfort to every pair of shoes they sell. Their materials are carefully sourced with sustainability in mind, and the Mexican shoe-makers earn fair wages for their skills. You may think that CANO has done everything they can do to make their shoes desirable, ethical, and beautiful, but they aren’t stopping here!


The Ethical Shoe Kickstarter Campaign

CANO has launched a Kickstarter campaign that is combining technology with ethical fashion. The founders have developed a way to track your individual shoe in each step of the process. Once you receive your shoes, you can scan a barcode within their app, and you will be able to see exactly who made your shoes and where they were located. How incredible is that!?


This is the first Kickstarter of it’s kind, and with your help CANO hopes to be fully funded by November 19th. They are over halfway there, and many are jumping on board with a donation since they will receive a beautiful pair of CANO shoes at the end of the campaign.

Please check out their Kickstarter page to see how it works, and consider donating if you’re excited about all that CANO is doing to positively impact the world of ethical fashion!

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