SHE Day- A Sustainable, Healthy, Ethical Wellness Event for Women

Earlier this year, I discovered that an event called SHE Day was coming to Phoenix. The event was put on by the founders of She Changes Everything. They are on a mission to "empower women to find what their unique body needs to be well using conscious sustainable, healthy, ethical (SHE) choices". 

SHE Day Phoenix

SHE Changes Everything is an incredible resource for health, wellness, and sustainability, so I immediately reached out when I discovered they were coming to Phoenix! They kindly let me attend, and even allowed me to give away two tickets to my followers! A lovely fellow ethical fashion blogger, Karen of Sustainable Daisy, ended up winning the ticket and flew in from LA to attend! Here is Karen and I enjoying the beautiful day and meeting for the first time:


She Day- What it's all about

She Day was an event that educated and empowered women to make small, tangible changes in their lives that lead to a more sustainable, healthy, and ethical lifestyle. The founders are from LA, which is where their first SHE Day event took place. This was the second event, and the day went off about a hitch!

The Sessions

SHE Day Phoenix

Session 1: Sustainable Switches for a healther you

Key Takeaways:

  • Plastic is negatively impacting both our personal health and our planet.
  • Only 9% of plastic made is ever recycled.
  • The chemicals in plastic are absorbed through our clothes and drinks- these chemicals are actually toxic, and can effect women's hormones and health.
  • Sustainable switches you can easily make: Reusable water bottle, reusable straws, organic coffee, organic fruits/veggies, reusable grocery bags...

Session 2: Health

Key Takeaways:

  • Coffee has the most pesticides next tobacco; always drink organic coffee when possible!
  • Women’s health often looks different than Men’s health due to our many hormones and cycles we go through each month.

  • Eat balanced meals and try to avoid dairy as much as possible since it has hormones. At the very least, always eat organic!

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, but try to avoid consuming a lot of liquids with your meals. This dilutes your digestive enzymes, causing the digestion process to take longer than normal!

  • Avoid artificial sweeteners- they hijack your brain to make you think you’re consuming sugar, then your body just wants sugar two hours later when it realizes it’s been duped

Ethical Marketplace

There were over 12 vendors with various booths such as ethical fashion brands, organic skincare and sustainable products! It was so fun to discover new brands and shop around! Two of my favorite local Phoenix brands were there as well; The Soteria Initiative and Redemption Market!

Tote bags

Each attendee received an adorable tote bags filled with amazing sustainable goodies!


Chair yoga

Yes, that's right... we did yoga and stretching between sessions! This was SO amazing. At past conferences, I've felt sore and antsy at the end of the day from sitting too long. Not at SHE Day!

Having a room filled with like-minded women who care about their bodies, the environment, and health in general was nothing short of incredible! I walked away with plenty of new friends, and felt SO inspired to make small, simple changes that would eventually lead to a BIG impact.

If SHE Day comes anywhere near you, you absolutely must go! It was inspiring, uplifting, and informative. Thank you SHE Day for such an incredible event, and I hope to see you next year!