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Allow me to introduce you to a company that is impacting the planet for better, one cozy sweatshirt at a time. Pohono Apparel donates $5 to Rainforest Trust for every single purchase made, but that's only the beginning to their positive environmental impact.

Three major problems our planet is facing, and what Pohono is doing to solve them:

1. Deforestation

We are losing rainforest acres at a concerning and rapid pace. Destroying the earth's rainforests has a plethora of negative side-effects; it's harmful to us, our planet, and the animals who call the rainforest their home.

What Pohono is doing to help: Rainforest Conservation.

Pohono Apparel generously donates $5 to Rainforest Trust’s project of the month for every purchase made. “Rainforest Trust purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement."

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2. Chemicals and pesticides

Chemicals and pesticides are harmful to people and the environment. "More chemicals are used in the production of cotton (per unit area) than any other crop, and these chemicals can contaminate a region and lead to decreased biological diversity and an altered equilibrium within the ecosystem.”

What Pohono is doing to help: Organic Cotton.

Pohono Apparel uses organic cotton, which is 100% pesticide free. Organic cotton may seem like a minor detail, but it really is critical to our health as the consumer, as well as the health of cotton farmers. You can read more about the importance of organic cotton from Pohono’s recent blog post "Why Wear Organic Cotton."

Pohono Apparel Style Me Fair

3. Unethical/Unsustainable clothing manufacturing

If you follow along with any of Style Me Fair’s posts, you’ll know that the mission of this website is to help you find alternatives to unethical clothing brands that are harming the environment. Unfortunately, the majority of mainstream brands today use factories with unhealthy and unethical practices. Unfair wages, unsafe factories, and grueling overtime hours barely scrape the surface when it comes to the injustices garment workers face in most overseas factories. Factories often pollute the surrounding land and environment through the use of unsafe dyes, and using up too much water and energy.

What Pohono is doing to help: Pohono manufactures their clothing in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner using 100% renewable energy.

Pohono Apparel

When I received my sweatshirt in the mail , I was excited to see it was packaged using eco-friendly materials. The sweatshirt also has a unique feature that allows you to choose which color you'd like for your tie near the hoodie. Mine had both a maroon and white option included, so I could simply pull out the option I didn't want. I thought this was a great way to make the sweatshirt unique to each person!

The sweatshirts are offered in both a pullover and zip-up style, and are available in five beautiful colors. They are also legitimately the softest sweatshirt I've ever owned... it's the first thing I put on when I'm lounging around the couch!

The sweatshirts run at $59, and Pohono have been kind enough to offer me a discount code just for Style Me Fair readers! Use "STYLEMEFAIR10" for 10% off store-wide... completely unlimited!

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Outfit Details:

Sweatshirt | Pohono Apparel | $59

Shoes | Skye Footwear | $130