Most Worn Items Of 2017

The new year is upon us, and I am so amazed by all the incredible things that happened in 2017. I’ve seen a lot of my closest blogger friends post about their most used/worn items in 2017, and I thought it was so helpful and a great idea! 

Reflecting back on my closet this year was a great exercise. I would advise you to take half an hour to go through your photos from this year and write down your most worn pieces! By noticing common colors and themes in our most worn items, we will be able to choose better and fewer pieces in 2018! Here's a few of the things I noticed about my favorite pieces:

  1. They fall in this color scheme: Black, white, jean (blue), olive green, burnt orange. (Apparently I like fall colors!)
  2. Every single one is comfortable! Both the fabric and the fit.

With that being said, my goal will be to focus more on the accent colors that I feel best in (green, orange, and blue), and to make sure I don't buy something unless I'm 100% comfortable in it!

1. Thrifted Jean Jacket

Style Me Fair

Okay, so I didn’t actually own this jacket until recently, but I’ve probably already worn it more than any other item this year! I searched high and low for months, finally finding this American Eagle brand one on ThredUp! By the way... if you aren’t obsessed with ThredUp yet, you should be! 

Both the jacket and beautiful shirt are from there, and I adore them both!

2. Thrifted Cut-off jeans. 

Style Me Fair

The cut in these jeans give them the perfect casual look, and they are oh so comfy! Thanks Buffalo Exchange!

3. JOYN Leather Handbag

Style Me Fair JOYN

I've posted about this brand and bag here, so I'll save you from my ramblings of how much I adore this bag... but it's amazing!

Oh- and you can use "Stylemefair10" for 10% off at checkout!

4. Grey Nikes

Style Me Fair

While I wouldn't advise buying brand new Nikes (they still have a ways to go on sustainability), there are plenty to be found on Poshmark, OfferUp, and so on. A good neutral pair of tennies will go with everything, whether sporty or casual! These were so comfortable and were my go-to when traveling and working out!

5. White Scalloped Crop T

Does anyone else seriously struggle with finding the perfect white T? This is an adorable variation of a classic T- I love the scallops and the way it’s cut a little shorter than most. I will definitely be looking for more unique black and white T's this next year!

6. ABLE Hammered Hoop Earrings & Starfish Project Studs


I wore these two pairs of earrings almost every day of this year! And they are both still in great shape. INVEST IN QUALITY EARRINGS! They are so worth it... I swear.

7. Black Spaghetti Strap Tank

Style Me Fair

This is my favorite shirt, and I’ve had it for forever! It works for every single season since it can be worn on it’s own or with a sweater. Again, I tend to wear versatile pieces the most!

8. Eileen Fisher White Tank

Style Me Fair

Again, seriously obsessed with this tank! It’s such great quality (as is with all of her clothes) and I loved how light and airy it was for hot desert summers. Linen is such a great fabric, I'd highly recommend you add a few linen pieces for 2018!

9. Krochet Kids Maxi Skirt

Style Me Fair

This was one of my first ethical fashion purchases! I was frequently wearing dresses with a sweater over top to work (so it looked like a maxi-skirt), so I knew I would wear a black one often! It’s comfortable and looks more put together than pants! Win win!  

10. EcoVibe Apparel Felt Hat

Style Me Fair
Style Me Fair

Believe it or not, this was my first hat venture... and I've fallen in love! I'm on a mission to find more perfect hats like this one, but it's yet to be beaten! The olive-green color is neutral, yet still manages to dress up an outfit (or at least make me look more put-togehter). If you, like I was, are scared of hats... stop it. You look great- just own it!

11. Orange Shoes

I've had the Madewell flats on the right for almost two years now, and I just love them! They go with everything, and I love the concept of an open-toed flat. Then near the end of summer, I discovered the mule sandals on the left at Buffalo Exchange! They are a bit brighter than my flats (despite how they appear due to editing). I encourage you to find a unique color and stick with it. If you tend to wear one bag or pair of shoes that are a bright or different color, try buying other items in that color too! Find what works, and stick with it!

I hope you found this post helpful, what was your color-scheme of 2017?