It's Time to Declutter Your Closet- 5 Types of Clothes You Should Get Rid of Right Now

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? It's a simple yet unfortunate rule that exists in almost every area of our lives. One example is that 80% of your time is used to accomplish only 20% of your work, while the other 20% of your time is spent completing 80% of your most productive work.

The same rule can be applied to our closets! Most of us wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. The other 80% are only worn 20% of the time, and many of those pieces are collecting cobwebs, taking up unnecessary space, and need to go in order to make room for pieces you will actually wear!

If you're anything like me and you hate piles of laundry, cluttered closets, and find the minimalism movement appealing, it's time for a closet clean out!

A closet clean out is also an essential step for those attempting to fill their closet with quality basics that will last rather than cheap trendy pieces that are harmful to the people who made them and the environment.

I challenge you to take a Saturday morning, throw on some music, and get to decluttering! Take everything out of your closet and get ready to purge! Here are 5 types of garments you need to get rid of right now:

1. Clothes that don't fit.

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Alright, so you may fluctuate 5-10 pounds in the next few years, but that doesn't mean you should hold onto that shirt because you "might lose 20 pounds", or "might be pregnant in the next few years". If it doesn't fit now, it shouldn't be in your closet. Unless you fluctuate frequently, I would suggest getting rid of it. If it hasn't fit in the last year, donate it! Same rule applies to pieces that shrunk. Yes it's a bummer, but holding onto it won't make it morph back into it's proper shape. Buh-bye!

2. Clothes that need repaired.

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I know, I know, you're going to take it in to the seamstress! Sorry to break it to you, but if you haven't already, you probably never will. Either ask a friend/seamstress to fix it, or donate it.

3. That fancy dress you wore to that one party.

style me fair tips for purging your closet

Yes, this includes bridesmaids dresses! If you really need a fancy dress for an event, you can rent from Formal dresses take up so much room, and styles change quickly. Sure, keep one or two that you love. But unless you're frequently invited to Gossip Girl status galas and parties, sell it!

4. Clothes that are stained.

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You know the one... the white T-shirt you're hoping might magically become clean one day? Not happening. Definitely attempt to get the stain out, but if it's not coming out then try to repurpose it in some other way. Old clothes make great rags! 

5. Clothes that are out of style.

style me fair tips for purging your closet

Ideally, try your best to purchase clothes that won't go out of style. But, those bedazzled jeans from junior high, that Hollister shirt that's way too small anyways? Donate!

Once you've purged, assess what you have left! Was there something that used to be an essential, but doesn't fit or has a stain? You may have a hard time letting go of an item because it used to play an essential role in your daily wardrobe. This is when the fun part comes in; make a list! Seeing your entire closet out of it's home will help you realize where your gaps are. Now take your "get rid of pile" that isn't stained or torn, and find a consignment shop where you can sell, and donate the rest. Then, search for the pieces on your list at the consignment shop. If you can't find it there, search, or paruse my discount code section to find ethical fashion retailers with clothes that are meant to last!

style me fair tips for purging your closet

I hope these tips and tricks were helpful, happy purging!