Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher- Simple. Sustainable. Genius.

A few days ago a friend and I were discussing sustainability when it comes to clothing, and I was expressing that no matter how hard I try to purchase clothing that will transcend style, they will eventually be outdated. I would never wear the hot pink zebra-striped tank top I owned in high school no matter how sustainable it is. It's outdated, not in style, and even a bit tacky. I thought to myself; "What if there was a company that remade outdated clothing into new, 'in style' pieces?" Well, turns out there is!

Eileen Fisher is one of the few mainstream brands whose vision and mission statements are centered around sustainable and ethical practices. She is also one of the only "mainstream" ethical and sustainable brands that sell everyday clothing rather than active/outdoor clothing. Her line is carried in most department stores and has individual storefronts as well.

Her design is also incredible! I honestly can't wait to save up and buy more pieces. When I first looked into Eileen Fisher, I wrote the brand off as way too pricey. Her clothes are definitely investment pieces, but I believe Eileen Fisher pieces will truly transcend seasons and trends. Everything about the clothing is designed to last for years; the design, colors, and comfort are top-notch. Also, once you do decide to get rid of an Eileen Fisher clothing article, you can get store credit for donating it back, and they'll resell them! (more about that later).

Here's Four ways Eileen Fisher is changing the fashion industry to be more sustainable:

1. The Environment:

  • They use materials like hemp fibers, and organic and recycled cotton. 
  • They reduce their chemical use in the manufacturing process by adhering to the bluesign standard.
  • They are building windmills to offset their carbon footprint, and carefully track their modes of transportation.
  • They are actively working to reduce their water usage.

2. Human Rights:

  • Many fast fashion brands use garment factories that outsource their work. This means that unnamed homeworkers in the slums of developing countries often complete handiwork on beaded and embroidered clothing.
    • Eileen Fisher is well aware of their homeworkers, and do not try to hide their involvement in the supply chain. They are working to improve their living conditions through a six-year project in West Bengali villages.
  • Eileen Fisher is committed to supporting Women and Girls through various organizations and projects.

3. Fisher Found Program:

You can donate your old Eileen Fisher pieces back to their store for a $5 credit. Their top notch design team will then recycle your gently loved clothes into new designs or re-sell them in their Fisher Found shop! Also, Fisher Found is a great way to shop Eileen Fisher at a more realistic price tag.

4. Remade in the USA:

Remember how I mentioned that Eileen Fisher is remaking old clothes into new pieces? Here's a video on their "Remade in the USA" line!

Seriously, how cool is that!? Eileen Fisher's customers donated old pieces they no longer wore. Then 500 new pieces of clothing were created, all because customers chose to recycle their old clothes. 

I recently purchased this outfit from the Eileen Fisher store in Scottsdale, Arizona. The dress was on sale, and these heels were well worth the price, and they are now on sale as well!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that these heels are by far the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. I wore them to two weddings two weekends in a row with no problems. 

Shop the Look:

Ellis Nubuck Leather Heels | Eileen Fisher | $225

*Unfortunately, I can't find this dress anywhere online (I bought it in store on sale). However, I have linked some similar options from Eileen Fisher below!

Organic Linen A-line Dress | Eileen Fisher| $218 |

Jersey Midi Dress | Eileen Fisher| $120 (on sale!)

Also, checkout Fisher Found dresses here. | $55-$95