The Best Ethical, sustainable, and Eco-Friendly Classic White T-shirts For Women

I'm not afraid to admit that I essentially have a "uniform" for my every day life. It's my go-to outfit for everything from errands to a night out. The classic white tee with jeans. Of course, this outfit can take many different forms, and I own at least 8 different styles of white tops that I can style to create different looks! However, at the end of the day, I'm pretty much wearing a similar ensemble at least three times a week. Allowing myself to embrace my new "uniform" has made life and getting dressed so much easier!

Ethically Made White Tees for Women

If you too would love to wear more white tees throughout the week, you've come to the right place! Finding the perfect white tee can prove to be a challenge- but I'm here to tell you that the perfect one comes in all shapes and sizes! This list in particular includes shirts that were made ethically and sustainably. This means the workers were paid fair wages, and the factories try to reduce their waste as much as possible. Just say no to cheap "fast fashion" tees that fall apart after two washes. These are the tee's of your dreams that are sure to last! Happy shopping!

The Best Ethically Made Sleeve White Tee Shirts for women

Short Sleeve Options

The Basic Crew Neck Tee

Everlane | $16

The Micro Ribbed Tee

Everlane | $28

The Off the Shoulder Tee

Elegantees | $42

The Cropped Tee

$34 | ABLE

Tank Top Options

The Body Suit Tank

Everlane | $30

The Cropped Bra Tank

Girlfriend Collective | $38

The Everyday Tank

Eileen fisher | $98

I know, I know. $98 for a white tank top is steep. I get it. BUT this is literally the most amazing tank in the world, especially if you live somewhere hot! I actually have two of these. Best ever... but spendy. Eileen Fisher clothes are all extremely well made and will last a lifetime!

I hope you enjoy browsing through each of these sites. If you're searching for a plain white tee or for a different piece of comfortable, ethically made clothing, these are great brands to purchase from! Just remember to shop less, choose wisely, and make your clothes last!

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