Cosmos Studio: Sustainable Dress Shirts for Men and Women

Cosmos Studio began as a Kickstarter campaign with a mission to deliver the most sustainable shirt in the world. They planned to achieve this through their innovative dyeing technology that cuts water usage down by an impressive 95%. 

The Most Sustainable Shirt in the World

Cosmos Studio ended their Kickstarter, went into production, and proceeded to in fact deliver "the most sustainable shirt in the world". The shirts are minimalistic, stylish, and comfortable. They are unisex both in size and style, which provides a unique versatility the clothing industry has been craving. Here are the facts that make this shirt impressively sustainable:

Sustainabile and ethical production Chain

  • BCI- Better Cotton Initiatve
    • Higher standards for the environment, farmers, and cotton in the production process
  • Raw materials, chemicals, and dyes are certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
    • This provides consumers a high level of safety from harmful levels of chemical substances
  • WRAP Certified Factories
Cosmos Studio Style Me Fair Sustainable Shirt

the most sustainable color diffusion technology in existence

GiLeave Technology.jpg

GiDelave™ technology is a solution to one of the most harmful aspects of the fashion industry- water usage. A typical fashion brand will use around 600L of water to dye one shirt. Yep, you heard that right... one.

How does GiDelave™ work? Rather than dipping the garments in vats of dye, the technology prints color onto the threads in a 360º manner. 

The lack of bleach, dye, and several washes results in a fabric that is more durable than most. The shirts are also less likely to wrinkle than regular cotton.

Cosmos Studio style

I've worn this shirt like three days in a row. It's so comfortable, cute, and versatile!

Outfit Details:

Button Collar Poplin Shirt | Cosmos Studio | $80 | (Wearing size S, unwashed)

Clifton 4 Sneaker | Eileen Fisher | $195 | Made from 100% recycled plastic. SO COMFY.

Nixon Watch | $175 |This watch is rose gold and I wear it almost every day! It was a birthday gift from my fiancé. It also comes with a black leather strap. 

Whether you need a work shirt, a casual shirt, or simply love supporting sustainable companies; Cosmos Studio is the perfect brand for you! I hope you enjoyed learning about this incredible company as much as I did. Don't forget to use "KEIRA15" for 15% off!

*This post was kindly sponsored by Cosmos Studio. This post may contain affiliate links. I only work with brands I absolutely love, and all opinions are 100% my own.