5 Eco-Conscious Athletic Wear Brands More Beautiful Than Lulu Lemon

Recently I've been getting back in the swing of my workout routine and it feels SO good! Exercising regularly uplifts and energizes me like nothing else can. 

I'm also a girl who, in the past, has been a bit addicted to her Nike's. But since my personal fashion revolution occurred, I've realized that I need to prepare to purchase from companies other than popular sportswear brands, since they are not very transparent about who makes their clothes or where their fabrics come from.

This inspired me to put together a list of beautiful athletic-wear brands that are sustainable, ethical, and all-around a lot more elegant than mainstream competitors. These brands are focused on curating quality goods so that YOU can feel good, while at the same time ensuring that the people making their clothes are being treated fairly.

Port De Bras just might be the most stylish and elegant athletic wear I've come across... step aside Lulu Lemon!

Influenced by the art of ballet, Port De Bras seeks to give women a sense of "pride, self confidence, and poise." Their goal is to provide high-quality, eco-friendly, and classic pieces that women can feel confident in. Just scrolling through their website will make you want to sign up for a barre class. What's not to love!?

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The Girlfriend Collective is an athletic wear brand with an incredibly unique, transparent, and sustainable supply chain. Their pieces are made in a family-owned Taiwanese factory from recycled plastic water bottles. Unlike most dye factories, their's ensures that the chemicals used do not pollute the local water supply. Their cut and sew factory located in Denmark is held to high ethical standards, and they choose to pay their workers 125% of the local minimum wage, offering meals and guided exercise breaks throughout the day.

The Girlfriend Collective also empowers every body type to be active by providing sizes XXS-XXXL.

Threads 4 Thought is one of the most popular conscious brands, but still holds it's integrity and sticks to it's mission of sustainable fashion as it continues to grow. Their website has photos and information on each of their factories where the clothes are made, as well as information on which sustainable fabrics they use and why.

Threads 4 Thought provides quality basics, and is great for cotton staples as well as athletic wear!

Athleta offers a wide variety of workout clothes for women, but did you know they recently became a Certified B Corp? Becoming a certified B Corp means that a company must meet high standards of social and environmental responsibility, transparency, and accountability. This is an admirable accomplishment for such a large brand, let’s hope the rest of the Gap brands will follow suit!

So far, Athleta has empowered over 2,000 women through Fair Trade and P.A.C.E., 40% of their fabrics are made with sustainable fibers, 1% of their products are made using water-saving techniques, and 70% of their waste from store packaging has been diverted from landfills. They have even loftier goals for the year 2020, and are working hard to attain those goals.


PrAna is one of my favorite sustainable brands for athletic wear and swimsuits! They have men and women’s athletic, yoga, swim, and everyday clothing. They state on their website that they are proponents of progress over perfection, and are not perfect. However, they are constantly taking strides toward a more sustainable and ethical business model! PrAna offers a variety of Fair Trade Certified and Sustainable clothing options online, and all of their clothes are 100% Organic Cotton. They also use recycled Wool and RDS (Responsible Down Standard) down.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm inspired to get out there and be active! Show your support for these amazing brands changing the athletic-wear game by sharing this article and commenting below! Which is your favorite?

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on September 14, 2017, and has been recently updated to reflect accurate information and highlight new ethical and sustainable athletic wear brands.