Skincare Products Your Skin Will Thank You For

Nailing down a skincare routine can be tricky, but it's so important for the health of your skin! I've always love reading about other people's routines so that I can try new tricks and products. I decided to share my skincare routine with you so that hopefully you can learn a trick or two, and try out a few of my favorite products! I try to use products that are as natural as possible, so as to not be too harsh on my skin. 

Removing Makeup

My number one skincare tip is don't ever go to bed with makeup on. Ever.

I've actually eliminated using makeup wipes altogether with one simple product that is better for you, gentler, and cheaper! I use water to remove mascara/eyeliner (to minimize pulling out lashes), then use coconut oil to remove the rest!

I recently read about the oil cleansing method, and now use coconut oil to remove most of my makeup. I warm it up in my hands, and rub it in a circular motion over my face to remove all the makeup. I use a warm wet rag to wipe it off and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Coconut oil has many other beauty-related uses such as cooking, hair, and all over body moisturizer. For skin and hair, it is best to use coconut oil that is organic and virgin.

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detoz Cleanser, $8.54

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detoz Cleanser, $8.54


Your face absorbs oil, dirt and makeup throughout the long day, so it's important to cleanse in the morning and night. Giving your skin a consistent care routine is so important!

I was using an extremely expensive cleanser for months, hoping it would reduce my acne. I realized that it wasn't helping at all, and switched back to my favorite clean beauty brand; Alba!

This cleanser is amazing and it really has helped with my acne. It's vegetarian, and has volcanic clay in it. It has small (biodegradable) beads that help exfoliate without being too harsh. I've tried plenty of face washes, and this is for sure the best I've found for my skin!


It's very important to exfoliate once or twice a week. This removes dead skin leaving your face nice and smooth! It's best to exfoliate at night since it can leave your face a little bit red.

I use an exfoliant that was gifted to me that is extremely expensive, so I won't link it here. Any exfoliant that has natural ingredients should do. This one seems to have great reviews on amazon so I've included it here for you, but feel free to shop around and read reviews!


Don't forget toner! It's important to bring your face back to a healthy PH level, which is where toner comes in!

When I was searching for a toner most recently, I was attracted to this one due to the Vitamin C, which has skin brightening properties. This toner feels light and fresh. 


I can't live without lotion, but this night cream is a GAME changer. Seriously, if I could recommend one product out of all of these it would be this one! Especially if you live in a dry climate.

I apply this every night, and it leaves my face feeling refreshed and hydrated. This lotion also has a skin evening property, which seems to eliminate redness/unevenness in the morning.

Make sure to apply after splashing your face with warm water to open up your pores a bit. 

Treat Yo' Self

I've tried quite a few masks and honestly never saw a huge difference. I wasn't sure if they were just hype or actually worked. Until I found a small sampler size of this Dead Sea Warehouse mask at my local Natural Grocers, and I love using it once or twice a week! This brand's products are straight from the dead sea's mud and minerals... how cool is that!? Their products are  definitely natural, and this mask leaves my face feeling exfoliated and nutrient rich. I wish I could find the sample size online, but check your local natural grocery store if you'd like a smaller size!

There you have it! My skin-care routine has been ever-changing for the last year, and I didn't want to create this post until I found a routine and products that really worked for me! If you have a favorite natural skincare product or brand, please comment below!