My First 10x10: Outfits, Tips, and Tricks

When writing this article, I decided to take on my first 10x10 challenge! This challenge is a way to spark creativity with the pieces already in one's closet by only wearing 10 pieces of clothing for 10 days.

I do work an office job, so I decided to document my Wednesday-Sunday outfits so that you could catch a glimpse of my weekend style as well! I also hope to remind people how versatile the clothes they already own can be, and that many garments can be worn both in a professional and casual setting.

My outfits for this week were also featured in this article on The Good Trade, but I wanted to showcase the versatility of these pieces on my blog as well. I also wanted to be transparent about my journey with my first 10x10 challenge. I'll be honest, it was much harder than I expected! And it ended up being more like a 10x7 challenge. However, I would like to try this challenge again next season, and make some improvements.

A few mistakes I made:

  • Including pieces that were not appropriate for work.
    • Two of the pieces I included were a hat and a pair of shorts. While they were cute for a weekend outfit, I couldn't wear them any of the other days, which limited my options for the work week.
  • Not choosing weather-appropriate pieces.
    • While I hoped and dreamed it would be cool fall weather, it simply wasn't! Some of these outfits were just too hot for the weather.

A few things I did right:

  • Color scheme.
    • I chose mostly neutral pieces with a pop of red, which was perfect to spice it up but still went with most of the other pieces.
  • Picking comfortable pieces.
    • All of these pieces were very comfortable, which was good because I wore them so many days in a row!

I learned a lot through this experience, and am still very happy I did it! Without further ado, here are five of the outfits I wore for my fall 10x10!


Style Me Fair

Wednesday's outfit featured a red silk cami from Everlane, which was one of my few fall purchases. Silk is a delicate material and must be washed by hand, but any stains came right out and it wasn't nearly as daunting as I thought it would be! I've quickly learned that caring properly for your clothes is key to ensuring they will stand the test of time.

I paired this cami with an older cardigan from MadeWell to make it work appropriate. Luckily, my work allows jeans, so I chose my favorite pair of Seven brand jeans, and black boots from last season (not well-made, so I'm hoping to buy a quality pair soon!). As for accessories, these are my favorite pair of gold earrings that will dress up any outfit!

Today's pieces: Everlane Silk Cami, Similar jeans from Everlane, Similar boots from Everlane , similar gold earrings From Sseko.


    Style Me Fair Threads for Thought

    Thursday's outfit included my favorite work skirt; a black maxi skirt from Threads 4 Thought! Maxi dresses and skirts are perfect for work since they're comfortable, flowy, and dressy all at the same time. It's still hot here in Phoenix, so I am enjoying our elongated sandal season in my beautiful Sseko Designs sandals.

    I am also sporting my favorite handbag by JOYN! You can checkout my article on this amazing company here.

    The top is an oldie but a goodie- a basic striped long sleeve from Nordstrom!

    Today's pieces: Similar striped long-sleeve from People Tree, Similar black maxi skirt from Eileen Fisher, JOYN handbag , Sseko Desgins Sandals.


    Style Me Fair Evelane Sseko

    Friday means it's almost the weekend, and I get to dress casually in the office! I try to take Fridays as an opportunity to show off my personal style while still keeping it comfy!

    This Friday I cuffed my jeans for a casual look, and threw on my beautiful Sseko Design's sandals again! They're perfect for all-day wear because they are SO comfortable, and you can actually switch out the straps for some versatility!

    This top was my second fall purchase from Everlane for this season, since I didn't own any long black sleeves. It was purchased from their "choose what you pay" section, which is an alternative to a traditional sale section. Instead, it gives you three different price points to choose from when buying! Each price point let's you know exactly where the money will go to.

    Today's pieces: Black top from Everlane, Similar jeans from Everlane, Sseko designs sandals.


    Style Me Fair Fall 10x10

    It's Saturday, which usually means a visit to the farmer's market, a coffee shop, or heading up to Sedona with friends. This Saturday I wore my Everlane Silk Cami on it's own, linen/cotton-blend shorts from EcoVibe Apparel, and a hat I found at my favorite Consignment shop mentioned above, Poor Little Rich Girl (PLRG)! The best part about PLRG is that I can trade in old clothes for credit, so I hardly ever spend money here. This is a great way to shop while being ethical, sustainable, and affordable all at once!

    This belt was purchased from a Western store up in Northern Arizona, and I approached the gruff older man at the counter and asked if he knew who made the belts (a question I now ask in every store). The usual response is "Oh, I don't know... we use a factory in China I think". However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out he made all the belts in shop himself! I quickly snatched it up and love knowing I am wearing someone's handiwork. 

    Today's pieces: Everlane Silk Cami, EcoVibe Apparel Shorts (no longer online), Sseko designs sandalsJOYN handbag, consignment hat.


    Style Me Fair Everlane

    Sunday's are my favorite (and busiest) days of the week! I dressed my felt hat up a bit for a church look, and was able to easily transition to Sunday afternoon activities by taking the hat off and switching back into my Sseko sandals. You might not have noticed, but this is the same outfit I wore on Friday! However, it looks completely different since I added dressier shoes, my hat, and tucked in the shirt. People really don't notice when you repeat outfits, and it's a fun challenge to be able to create different looks with the same pieces.

    Today's pieces: Black top from Everlane, Similar jeans from Everlane, Similar boots from Everlane, Consignment hat.

    Discount Codes:

    • JOYN Discount Code: 'Stylemefair10' 
    • Sseko Designs Discount Code: 'stylemefair15'
    • EcoVibe Apparel Discount Code: 'STYLEMEFAIR' for 10% off

    I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my 10x10 challenge, make sure to check out these amazing companies and read about their mission of transparent, ethical fashion!

    Which outfit was your favorite?